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Pepperoni Snack Stix Seasoning
Pepperoni Snack Stix Seasoning

Pepperoni Snack Stix Seasoning

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Enhance your wild game meat with Kikaboo's Pepperoni Snack Stix Seasoning! From venison to moose, goose to bear, elk to pork or even beef, this pepperoni seasoning will make any wild game taste fantastic! With a focus on flavor and not salt, our pepperoni snack stix seasoning will excite your taste buds. 

Process 25 lbs of wild game pepperonis with each bag!

The pepperoni snack stix seasoning package comes with a packet of cure salt for safe cooking and smoking options. Mix the cure with the seasoning and add 3 1/2 cups of cold water and you are ready to turn out 25 lbs of the best wild game pepperonis you have ever tasted!  

Kikaboo's Pepperoni snack stix are free of fillers, Gluten free, low sodium and sugar free and could be the healthiest pepperoni stick out there!

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