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Kikaboo Premium Dry Fit T-Shirts

Kikaboo Premium Dry Fit T-Shirts

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Blaze Orange Premium Dry-Fit Kikaboo T-shirts.

Look good in the bush while being safe!

Our Dry-Fit material is an innovative fabric that is designed to keep you dry in the bush. This means you can hunt harder and stay warmer longer! Cotton T-shirts simply cannot compare! When cotton gets wet, it stays wet and you get cold. 

Dry-Fit is a unique high-performance microfiber that wicks away sweat and helps keep the body temperature regulated during high performance activities, such as, big drags outta the bush!

Our Blaze Orange colour keeps you safe (legally) in the bush, while you peel off the layers during your big drag. When you can't afford the 4-wheeler to do all the work, buy our shirt to keep you comfortable, fashionable and dry on your next expedition. 

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