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Meat Marinades

 Meat Juice marinade is the result of 30 years of taste testing, tweaking and perfecting a product that delivers an outstanding balanced flavor to any wild game meat. It just so happens that Meat Juice works exceptionally well with meat from your local butcher or grocer.

This time-saving meat marinade will take your venison or striploin steak, prime rib or bear roast and even goose or chicken breast from good to mouth-watering spectacular!

 “I have used these products for over 20 years…there is nothing like it in the world…” Mark Moore, Moore’s Meats, Chatsworth, Ontario.

 In only 20 minutes, Meat Juice marinade infuses an addictive, cohesive, complementary flavor to your steaks, roasts or ground meat. This flavor has impressed chefs, butchers, veteran hunters and even the most picky children eaters. This experience will surely drive you to keep hunting and barbecuing every chance you get!

“I have used this marinade on almost everything, but my favorite is steak. I apply a small amount on both sides of my steak, let it sit for 20 mins…that’s one perfect steak out of the bottle.” Gomer


  • Save time preparing meat – 20 minutes marinating time
  • Reduces strong gamey flavors and undertones
  • A little goes a long way – 2 caps per side of steak
  • Enhances flavors for all types of meat
  • One marinade for all your recipes

 “Absolutely Delicious! – …We cooked two steaks in the marinade we have been using for 20 years and two steaks in Meat Juice. Everyone in the family decided that we absolutely love the Meat Juice and we couldn’t believe that we had found a marinade that we prefer over our go to one. I have used it on pork as well and we definitely impressed! Will be ordering more!” Ava.

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 Jerky Juice was created with one focus - simple and easy to use. This is a #soakandsmoke product. Simply stated, mix your meat strips or ground meat (for a jerky gun) in the proper proportions, let it soak for 24 hours and then smoke or dehydrate! Click here to see full directions on how to use Jerky Juice.

The flavor produced by this liquid jerky seasoning is something that you will need to experience! The liquid concentrate delivers a savory, hickory smoke flavor with a bold delicious finish. This recipe is nothing short of mind-blowing addictive!

“Simply the BEST jerky marinade out there!! - The (Jerky Juice) marinade was a million times better than I expected! Everyone who tried it, liked it more than my usual jerky! I have recommended it to my friends that have a smoker. I will definitely be buying more and checking out the other products (Kikabooshop) has as well! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!” J.F. April 18, 2019.

 You can use Jerky Juice marinade a base flavor or you can add other seasonings like Spicy Italian or Jalapeno Heat to spice up your jerky snacks. If you are a lover of barbeque ribs, try using Jerky Juice as your smoky marinade and prime flavor ingredient in your mop! Take your ribs to completely new level with Jerky Juice.

Jerky Juice marinade is the only liquid jerky seasoning on the market! This product has been designed #4huntersbyhunters. Every outdoors person knows that snacking while in the field is one the best ways to ensure that you put more time in the field because hunger does drive you out of the field! Why not turn more of your wild game meats into jerky snacks so you can enjoy nature to the fullest?

Spicy Jerky

 “Kick-a-Boom! This Jerky Juice is amazing stuff! Marinade the meat, put in the smoker and YUM! So much better than store bought jerky!” Justin D.


  • Easy to use marinade - #soakandsmoke
  • Multiple uses – Make Jerky, marinade ribs, chicken and pork
  • Reduces mixing and preparation time
  • Addictive flavor
  • Enhances flavors for all types of meat

“This is too easy to be this good” Neil Debassige, Fuel the Fire TV

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