Meat Juice Steak Marinade - A marinade perfect for steak, chicken, pork, ground meat and wild game.

Our coveted family recipe is now available to anyone looking for fast, flavour solutions on their grill.

Marinate your steak in 20 minutes or less with only a few cap-fulls of Meat Juice marinade.

A little Juice goes a long way!

Let Kikaboo help change the way your family thinks about BBQ'n! 

Meat Juice Marinade - The future of Meat Marinade is here! 

Add a bottle to your fridge today and put it on steak this weekend...You won’t be disappointed!

Jerky Juice Marinade

Home-made jerky is now as simple as Soak & Smoke when you use Kikaboo's Jerky Juice Marinade. 

This EASY-TO-USE liquid jerky marinade contains all the cure salt necessary for safe meat smoking and dehydration processes.

Use 1 bottle of Jerky Juice marinade to infuse 8-pounds of cut jerky strips with an unrivaled, bold, hickory smoke flavour. 

Use a jerky canon to make your homemade jerky? No problem! Just add Jerky Juice to 5-pounds of ground meat, mix well and marinate over night in the fridge. In the morning, you will be ready to press out delicious pocket snacks ready for the dehydrator or smoker!

Your finished jerky will have a distinct savory, hickory smoke flavour with a very addictive finish! One batch doesn't last long around any household, camp site or hunting camp!

Try a bottle for yourself today!

Our marinades make meal prep easy and a little goes a long way.