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The coveted family recipe for wild game meats and backyard BBQ'n. Use the "meat juice" for 10-20 mins and have yourself a full flavored savory meal. This marinade makes meal prep easy. How many bottles of half used jars are in your fridge? Dump the others. This is the future!
Deep rich flavour that makes any steak taste like a 5-star restaurant meal. What's so simple about this marinade is that a little goes a long way and it only takes minutes to prepare. This is our top selling product. Try it on anything! You'll love it. Guaranteed. Read the reviews
For home-made jerky this is a one stop shop. It's as simple as #soak&smoke. The flavour is bold with a hickory smoke. Or, try brushing a little of this marinade onto chicken or turkey. It doesn't take much and meal prep is ready. 
Our marinades make meal prep easy and a little goes a long way.