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The Kikaboo Story

Kikaboo is a proudly Canadian family business that started in 1989.  Our story begins in the butcher shop, with a father teaching his son how to prepare their harvested meat. This simple beginning has created the foundation of our company. We have used the last 30 years of meat processing to provide hunters, BBQ chefs and meat enthusiasts with the taste specific to processing flavourful sausage, pepperoni, jerky and steak. These once "secret family recipes" are now available for everybody to enjoy.

Our products include:

  • A line of seasonings which are low in sodium but full in flavour.  Open the package and smell the freshness. Our quality is what makes us different. 
  • "Meat Juice" and "Jerky Juice" marinades for a bold hardy taste. Get rid of all the other half used bottles of sauces in your fridge because this is all you'll ever need.

All this, was created #4huntersbyhunters.

With thanks, ~Allison & Ray