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Over the past 30 years, Kikaboo has been dedicated to creating their own line of mouth-watering meat seasonings and marinades. Working with the developed flavor palates of butchers, BBQ enthusiasts and hunters, Kikaboo has perfected their meat rubs and seasonings. Kikaboo's exclusive meat seasoning flavors are designed to enhance the natural flavors of wild game and domestic meats. Kikaboo has now released their coveted flavors to the do-it-yourself meat processor, butcher, chef, hunter and BBQ grill master looking for new, exciting and bold meat seasoning flavors!

Kikaboo Meat Seasoning Line Up

Demand Flavor - Dry Meat Rubs and Sausage Seasoning

Kikaboo's meat seasonings are more than just salt! In fact, you will find salt at the end of all of our dry seasoning ingredients lists! This means that our dry seasonings contain more weight in flavor rich ingredients than many other meat seasonings on the market. Kikaboo raises the bar on flavoring meat! Our meat rubs and sausage seasonings are custom blended in small batches to ensure you receive ONLY FRESH, top quality seasonings to flavor your meat! Our Dry Rubs and Sausage seasonings contain No MSG, No Sugar, No Fillers, are Low in Sodium and are Gluten-Free! 

Dry Meat Rubs and Sausage Seasoning

Demand Flavor - Liquid Marinade

Kikaboo's liquid meat marinades make flavoring your steak, chicken, burgers and wild game EASY, FAST and EXTREMELY TASTY!

Our most popular product, Meat Juice Marinade, will heighten the flavor of any steak in 20 minutes. A little goes a long way! On a 6 - 8 ounce striploin steak, we measure 2 caps full of Meat Juice Marinade per side! For chicken and pork or lighter colored meat, we simply add enough Meat Juice Marinade to change the color of the protein. We marinade for 10 minutes and get it on the grill! 

Jerky Juice is a simple to use #soak&smoke product that transforms your beef and wild game meat strips into the ULTIMATE Jerky pocket snack! Jerky Juice pairs extremely well with poultry and lighter colored meat. In just 10 minutes, Jerky Juice marinade INFUSES a creamy, hickory smoke flavor that will more than satisfy the hard to please members of your family. 

$10 SHIPPING on orders $55 or more! Canada Only!!!

Eat Wild

Eating wild is the result of patience, hard work and perseverance.  Many hunters hone their skills, scout their hunting areas and create new habitats for wildlife. This kind of dedication begins long before the harvest. 

The Kikaboo team wants everyone to enjoy the flavor of their hard work and success! Over the last 30 years, Kikaboo has worked side-by-side fellow hunters, tweaking and perfecting the flavor of our premium seasonings to bring you, the ULTIMATE enjoyment!

Click on our Best Selling Flavors to experience how Kikaboo meat seasonings can magnify the flavor of your meat!

Best Selling Flavors

$10 SHIPPING on orders $55 or more! Canada Only!!!

What other meat experts said After experiencing kikaboo:

I love doing simple recipes ... Hats of to Kikaboo for hitting this one out of the park and putting a delicious, healthy and easy-to-make snack in our backpacks...I need some more!!

Neil Debassige - Fuel the Fire TV on WILD TV

“We are always looking for great ways and options when cooking our wild game. The Kikaboo marinades and spices made for some amazing BBQ that the whole family loved.”

Keith Beasley - Beasley Brothers Outdoors Inc. on Canada in the Rough TV

I have used these products for over 20 years ... there is nothing like it in the world and we are looking forward to being able to buy it again and selling it in our own butcher shop.

Mark Moore from Moore's Meats Butcher Shop